Last Year’s Presenters

Last Year’s Visting Presenters

Larry Jay Tish and Ron Jones
• The Black Jew Dialogues

Larry Jay Tish
• Happy Birthday First Born Son          

Brenda Barrie
• Sometimes The Golem is a Girl

Harlene Winnick Appelman
• Maror- Burden or Blessing?
• Programs of Passion

Steve Greenberg
• Adam and Steve, Amy and Eve: Finding a Unique Marital Ritual for Queer Jews
• Homosexuality and Halakhah
• Diaspora Zion

Jeanette Kuvin Oren
• The Art of Jeanette Kuvin Oren — Commissions for Synagogues Around the World
• The Art of Papercutting

Dan Oren
• Joining The Clubs: The Fall and Rise of Jews at Yale and other Elite US Universities
• Doing Jewish Genealogy: Finding the Amazing Secrets You Never Knew

Leah Chwaiewsky Bassett
• The Wondering Wandering Jewess: Conversations with my Choreographer

Sidura Ludwig
• Telling Our Stories – Writing Jewish Fiction in the ‘Peg

Baruch (Brent) Labinsky
• Israel and its financial relevance to you and yours

Brenda Barrie and Sidura Ludwig
• Put Her In Her Place: A Conversation Between Two Exiled Jewish Winnipeg Writers


Last Year’s Local Presenters

Kedma Cantor
• Mystery and history of the Tallit

Tzafi Weinberg
• Mandala workshop

Rabbi AlanGreen
• Meditating With Maimonides: Experiencing Love and Awe in the Rambam’s Guide for the Perplexed

Cantor Anibal Mass
• A Bat Mitzvah in the Great Wall of China

Len Udow
• “Shabbat Shalom”, A musical Presentation

Ruth Livingston
• Yoga Shalom

Danita Aziza
• Life Lessons in the Land of Israel.

Arie Lavy
• Can you Survive Captivity?

Rabbi Ari  Ellis
• The Six Amazing Women of the Exodus

Rabbi Larry Pinsker
• You’ve Made Your God Too Small: Some Inescapable Truths About Religion and     Spirituality

Jonathan Paterson
• Tikkun Olam: Lessons From Rural Kenya

Harold Shuster
• What is it to be a Secular Humanist Jew

Itay Zutra
“It’s Good We Left”:  The Image of the Shtetl in Anti-Shtetl Yiddish Poems

Ethel Amihude
• A “Wonder” full ride

David Cantor
• Dead Man Walking: Rabbi Akiva and the Creation of the Mourners Kaddish

Karel Skripal (Jr)
• My father’s story: the development of Krav Maga

Rubens Bader
• Jewish Life in Brazil

Haskel Greenfield
• The Canaanites: New Evidence from the Early Bronze Age at Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel

Claudia Chernitsky
• Zumba Israeli Style

Shimshon Elazar
• The Syrian Revolution- What Does This Mean for the Jews?

Shirith Pais and Yolanda Papini- Pollock
• Legacy Films 101

Eli Herscovitch
• Solomon Ary from Bialystock, Poland

Last Year’s Presenter Bios

If you’d like to read the bios for last years presenters, you can view and download a PDF by clicking here!